Collection: Birds of Condor

A Condor is a hole-in-one on a Par 5, the rarest occurrence in golf. Only a handful have ever been recorded, none of which have appeared in professional golf.

It is also known as a Triple Eagle and is what the Birds of Condor logo stands for. This brand originated in Australia from a surfing and music background. You know, the feel goods, the pure drink and the free air.

What's that addictive element that connects everyone in golf except for a few beers and an afternoon walk with your friends?

We soon realized it was all about the birds!!

Those dreamy moments and that perfect contact that results in a Birdie, Eagle or Albatross, all under the great shadow of Condor - the Triple Eagle!!

That's when it all made sense visually and spiritually for Birds of Condor.

They found a solid foundation that inspired a lifestyle and creative freedom to push the boundaries.