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Our story

In the spring of 2021 we started our adventure, launching a webshop in hip and contemporary golf clothing!

More and more young people are discovering the great game, but the range of trendy golf clothing is lagging behind. We would like to change this! We are looking for brands with just that different style and philosophy than the big well-known brands, a style and philosophy that also suits us!

Just Chipping originated from the idea that golf is for everyone. Enjoy the game, the outdoors, have fun with friends, family and strangers. All this preferably also as comfortable as possible!

We took on this challenge with the first brand 'Birds of Condor', an Australian brand from Byron Bay with very cool items. This brand is inspired by music and a relaxed vibe. Amazing, right! Does it stop here? Certainly not, behind the scenes we are busy with other cool brands. Are you curious? We would like to keep you informed via our newsletter .

Just Chipping
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